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Frequently Asked Questions

Will IntellaPro provide benefits during my contract?

Yes! IntellaPro is proud to provide our travelers and contractors with comprehensive benefits options, including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Paid Time Off (once qualified)
  • And more.
How much experience is required to be a traveler or Allied Healthcare Professionals with IntellaPro?
In order to provide the best possible service to our clients and clinicians, we ask that our travel contractors have a minimum of 12 months’ recent experience.
How do I become a traveler or Allied Healthcare Professionals with IntellaPro?
Our team of recruiters will assist you with the process. Your assigned recruiter will ask questions, listen to your needs and desires, and present you with the best job matches possible.  After that, your recruiter will submit your travel profile with your provided information to one or more opportunities of your choice. 
What happens when I accept an assignment with IntellaPro?
You’ll sign an employment agreement outlining the details of your travel assignment. You’ll then transition from your recruiter and will work alongside our credentialing team to gather the items required by the facility.  Don’t worry – one of our specialists will walk you through the process. Once your file has been cleared by the facility, you’ll be ready to start your exciting new opportunity!
Do you provide paid housing for travel assignments?
While IntellaPro doesn’t make housing arrangements on your behalf, we follow federal guidelines to provide a tax-free Per Diem Stipend to help cover the cost of necessary housing (some qualifications apply). We also provide our travelers with additional housing support and resources – talk to your recruiter for details!
How do I qualify for a housing Per Diem Stipend?
If you are duplicating your housing expenses to travel to a work assignment, you may qualify for a stipend. Your primary (or tax-home) address will also determine your eligibility. Some facilities have a mileage radius rule which will be used to determine whether you would be considered a traveler or local contractor.
How long is a typical travel assignment?
While assignment length varies, the average assignment lasts 13 weeks. If an assignment is a good fit, you may request an extension, or your manager may ask you to extend. You also have the choice to move onto your next adventure once you’ve completed the agreed upon duration for your assignment. 
How many hours a week will I work?
Hours per week will vary based upon the facility’s schedule. Some common weekly time commitments for assignments are 36, 40, and 48 hours. Your recruiter will discuss your assignment’s shift times with you.
Am I able to request time off from an assignment?
Yes. If you already know dates when you’ll be unavailable to work, you’ll have the chance to request those dates off during the initial consideration period for your assignment. We also understand that events such as illnesses or family emergencies may necessitate unexpected time off. In those cases, IntellaPro will work with your assignment facility to honor those days. Keep in mind that healthcare facilities typically hire contractors to help fill urgent staffing needs and prefer that you request no more than 1-2 days off during your scheduled 13-week assignment.
Is my contract length guaranteed?
While rare, it is possible for the facility to cancel your contract early. Possible reasons for early cancellations include low census, poor job performance, or a misalignment of expectations.
What if I need to cancel my contract early?
It’s in your best interest to fulfill your entire contract; however, you do have the right to cancel your contract early if need be. You may be subject to a cancellation fee – fees and notification times will vary by the client.

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