Why IntellaPro?

We give personalized service to travel and local nurses & allied health professionals across the country.

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White Glove Service Isn’t Just for Employers

IntellaPro emphasizes a commitment to personalized service. We believe that commitment should be applied not just to employers, but to you: the dedicated nurses and allied health professionals we work with.

From the minute you send us your resume to the moment you walk through the doors of your latest assignment and even on the job, you can be sure you’ll be well taken care of. You’ll receive benefits and support, from travel housing stipends to continuing education. We understand that no two nursing or allied health jobs are created equal, and your recruiter will work to understand your skills and preferences so they can match you with the settings and facilities where you’ll thrive.

If you’re ready to broaden your healthcare career horizons while experiencing tailored recruitment services, reach out to our team today!

The Nursing and Allied Health Staffing Company That Communicates

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about travel nursing and allied health employment agencies (or even starred in a few of those stories yourself). A bright and passionate travel nurse and allied health professional like you works with a staffing company or agency to find a placement that seems great – only to get to their assignment and never hear from their recruiter again.

When you’re left stranded and unsupported, You can’t focus on why you became a nurse or allied health care provider in the first place – providing exceptional patient care while growing your career and exploring new locations. That’s why at IntellaPro, a travel, local nurse and allied health staffing company operating nationwide, we do things differently. In fact, our goal is to overcommunicate. We’ll keep in contact with you throughout your assignment to ensure everything is going well – and we’ll make finding your next assignment simple.

And if you need to get in contact with us? As an IntellaPro travel nurse or allied health professional, you’ll have 24/7 access to either your recruiter or another dedicated member of our team. Whether you’re looking for help with a payroll issue, need to vent about your unit manager, or want to share great news, the IntellaPro team is here to support you through your challenges and celebrate your wins.

Sound good? Explore our open travel, local nursing and allied health positions today!

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